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Let’s Make Happiness a Habit™

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Don’t leave your happiness to chance or circumstance — innately, you know how to have, and know how to live,

a great life of happiness.

Our Wheel of Life Program is designed to help you unlock what you’re already capable of, and continually improve every area of your life.  And here is the best secret of all that is, the Wheel of Life is for everyone to enjoy.

Adults, teenagers and children can all enjoy the benefits that the Wheel of Life brings to us.

 It is a simple tool that we can all use to live a balanced and happy life, no actually a Great Life of Happiness!

Are you ready to begin a gift that has lasted the ages?

But, before you jump into the Program, we invite you to learn a little more about it, and our company.

Foundational beliefs

Your Wheel of Life journey is built on your beliefs, mainly, how you think the world works, and how you perceive yourself. The Greatlife heartbeat is the four foundational beliefs of our Program. They are fully focused on helping you, once again, understand yourself better.


You’re in charge — you can take responsibility for your life and control how you feel.


You can make step-by-step changes that easily become a natural way of life (a happy life!). 


You are wonderfully unique and will achieve optimal results through a personalised plan.


Everything is connected — you can function at the highest level when everything is in balance.

The power of balance.

Of our foundational beliefs, balance is key.  For us, the term “balance” describes our energy in harmony.

When we’re balanced, there is an agreement between our mind, body, and spirit, and we feel connected to ourselves, to others, and ultimately, to the world.

As a more tangible example, when we tune musical instruments so that they blend with each other, and then we say they have harmony.

When they are out of tune, the sounds may make us feel irritated, and even anxious.  The exact same principle can be applied to our inner balance — when the orchestra of “instruments” that make us the person we are, are playing in harmony, we experience increased joy and happiness.

Eight modules, one holistic approach

The Wheel of Life Program is a step-by-step process of change so that you can transform your life through the simple power of balance. Through easy-to-use, accessible online tools, you can complete a series of modules at your pace and choice.

It’s a challenging, eye-opening and enjoyable process of self-discovery as you evaluate and improve the eight essential, but different areas of your life.

1. Health & Wellbeing
2. Wealth & Finance
3. Relationships
4. Lifestyle
5. Personal Growth
6. Career
7. Environment
8. Spirituality

Supporting Humanitarian Works.

At Great Life we are committed to supporting and performing Humanitarian works by supporting organisation such as Watering Seeds Organisation and the Better Vision For Children Foundation, they will be able to take their work to many places around the World with all that we have planned with your sign up fees.

And this is just the beginning for all that we have planned.

We have established connections with Australian Indigenous peoples and plan to begin perfecting systems to clean up our Rivers and foreshores before moving inland.  Once perfected, these models will be gifted, world wide, through an established network of Indigenous peoples.  They have been the Traditional Custodians and Carers of their lands for thousands of years, and they still know best how to care for their lands.  We plan to provide them with the resources to care for their lands once again, simply by using a portion of your membership fees, amongst a myriad of other projects that will be expanded over the coming months.

Environmental issues, such as cleaning up our oceans that are littered with islands of plastic, are of immense importance to us.  Currently there are only 3-4 disposal ships and we have plans to make them more efficient, simply by using a totally wasted resource.  More on this later as we grow, we do not want to spoil the surprise for you just yet.

The end result: we are hoping for a better and cleaner environment, improved air quality and a world where our children can be comfortable in, once again.

The complete and honest intent of our site is to help you, but in doing so we will then be able to help so many others live a Great Life, especially with all that we have planned to bring to Humanity.

Look how far we’ve come

We’ve come a long way since our humble 1990s beginnings. We’re proud of where we’ve come from, and even more excited for where we’re going.

In memory of Billy Brown

We would like to dedicate this site to the loving memory of Billy Brown. Billy was a legendary presence around the Laguna Beach area and will be greatly missed.

A happy message from our Founder.

Robert Anthony

I’m always asking, “what if?”, and more importantly, “why not?”.  My ultimate question is, “what if there is a key to happiness?  And if there is, why not share it with the world?”.

I created Great Life Choice and the Wheel of Life Program as an answer to this important question.

For tens of thousands of years, The Wheel of Life has been there, throughout the world, to enjoy a balanced life.  It has been known by a number of names, such as the Medicine Wheel and the Circle of Life.

No matter the title, the purpose has remained constant — to help people find true happiness and to live a balanced life.

Today, right now, you do not have to feel alone, isolated, or without help.

Greatlife is perfect for anyone looking to improve themselves, and their life.  Our Programs offer the perfect solution while being affordable and accessible.

My deepest desire is a world where people feel good about themselves, once again.  Together, through the Wheel of Life, I honestly think we can make that happen.

Are you ready?

When it comes to serious change, the first step is often the hardest, but it’s also the most important. Take the next step in your path to happiness with Greatlife.