Let’s Make Happiness a Habit™

You deserve it.

Find the keys to happiness and a better life with the Wheel of Life Program.

Many of us have strategies for different areas of life, but far too often we leave the most important aspects to chance or circumstance — like our happiness.

The truth is, happiness is not an accident; the elements of happiness, like positivity and joy, are conscious daily decisions.

Our Wheel of Life Program equips you with the knowledge and tools to effectively live happily every day, simply by joining us and transforming eight key (8) areas of your life!  The best part is that YOU make the choice which of the eight (8) where to start, because of what may be important to you at this very moment in your life.

And the best secret for all out there, it does not matter how old you are.  It is for all the adults, teenagers and children out there looking for that simple tool that will help them live a better life, no actually a Great Life of Happiness.  Are you ready to at least try?

This is not a challenge but an invitation, because we care.

Our programs are here for you to run at your pace, in the direction that you decide and the starting point will ONLY EVER BE where you decide to start, because we are all different.

Our site provides you with lesson plans designed to assist you reach stages of happiness and progress your days in a better frame of mind.

Now the “Secret” is that we are all INDIVIDUALS!

Yes, societies all around the World are made up of INDIVIDUALS.

And it is with this in mind that we have made this a free flowing and not too structured course.

It is with the utmost respect for you that our Wheel of Life course has been deliberately built to cater for YOU.

YOU choose your starting point entirely based on what is important to you.

YOU choose where to go next and exactly how far you go before deciding where to go next.

YOU can mix and match.

YOU can go back and forth between lessons and topics based purely on what is important to you or what is influencing you at any moment in your day.

It is here to help and assist realise that you are not out of step with the World around you and that despite what some people may try to convince you, we believe that YOU are an extremely important factor in this jig saw puzzle we all know as life.

And one another thing to consider, we have pledged a minimum of 70% of proceeds will be used for Humanitarian projects – including feeding children and others living on the streets and in less than favourable circumstances.  Help yourself and help others.

Organisation such as Watering Seeds Organisation and the Better Vision For Children Foundation will then be able to take their work to many places around the World with what we have planned with your sign up fees.

And this is just the beginning for all that we have planned.

So, help yourself and by doing that you will help many others.  Are you ready for the challenge of a Great Life?